World of Evolution

As you navigate the world map, Oli guides you to seek and earn Blacxes, which form the DNA of your Oli. The accumulation of Blacxes leads to the enhancement and evolution of your Oli. Along this journey, your common interests align with those of allies, forming bonds that strengthen your collective journey. Individual paths intersect, leading to the creation of alliances and clans that share higher goals and reap greater rewards together.

Engaging in the World of Metacces

  1. Discover and Capture Blacxes

    • After creating your Oli in the World of Creation, it's time to explore the world around you using the app's camera feature to find Blacxes, And contribute to the upgrade and development of your Oli.

    • Blacxes are geographically distributed and appear on your map. Use the app to locate and capture them.Once captured, Blacxes are registered as your assets on the Metacces blockchain.

  2. Level Up and Form a Clan

    • The nucleus of any clan begins with the accumulation of Blacxes, which are instrumental in establishing the clan's initial structure and status. Blacxes act as a binding force that brings together like-minded individuals to form a collective with a shared vision and goals.

    • Clan Development and Prestige: As clans amass more Blacxes, they can unlock advanced levels of development, including enhancements to their communal capabilities and their standing within the wider Metacces world. Each increase in Blacxes signifies a step forward in the clan's evolution, mirroring the growth of its members and their combined efforts.

    • The Link for Founding Members: For the early members, Blacxes represent more than just a marker progress; her are the emblem of their pioneering spirit and dedication to the clan's cause. These foundational members, bonded by the shared DNA of Blacxes, are crucial in setting the direction and ethos of the clan as it rises through the ranks.Invite friends to join your clan. ownership is distributed: X% to the finder, X% to the clan originator (you), and X% shared among the clan.

    • The Role of Blacxes in Clan Dynamics: Blacxes influence every aspect of clan dynamics, from the ability to recruit and retain members to the clan's capacity to compete and collaborate with other clans. They provide tangible benefits and strategic advantages, ensuring that each clan member's contributions are recognized and rewarded in alignment with the clan's growth.

    • Blacxes and Clan Hierarchy: A clan's hierarchy and governance can also be shaped by the distribution and utilization of Blacxes, with the potential to organize systems of leadership, decision-making, and profit-sharing that reflect the clan's unique culture and objectives.

    In essence, Blacxes act as the genetic code that defines a clan's identity, vitality, and aspirations within Metacces. They enable clans to flourish, not just through their economic value, but by fostering a deep sense of unity and purpose among members, driving forward a collective journey of exploration, conquest, and achievement in the digital realm.

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