Genetic Blueprint of Value: Blacxes can be likened to the genetic blueprint of value within the Metacces ecosystem. Just as DNA holds the genetic information of living organisms, Blacxes owns the intrinsic value of OLI's personal assistant,and digital assets.

  1. Ownership and Voting Rights: Blacxes not only represents 100% ownership share in the Metacces but also grants shareholders ownership and voting rights within the Metacces ecosystem. This empowers users to actively participate in decision-making processes and shape the project's future.

  2. Unique DNA: Blacxes act as a unique identifier Oli ,or genetic code for user avatars . It ensures the authenticity and uniqueness of these digital assets, adding substantial value to the NFT ,eliminating counterfeit or fraudulent digital assets.

  3. Integration with Metacces Blockchain: Blacxes leverages modern blockchain-based technology to record transactions and maintain records. This technology enhances transparency and security, making it a valuable asset within the world of investment.

  4. Passive Income Generation: Shareholders holding Blacxes receive monthly and annual dividends. This financial incentive encourages long-term commitment to the Metacces project and ensures that users benefit from its growth.

  5. Innovation and Potential: Blacxes embodies innovation in the investment realm, offering flexibility and substantial potential for future development. Its unique combination of qualities positions it as a material with the capability to become a certified item in the metaverse world.

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