World of Creation

In this phase, users create their own Oli, connecting with other Olis to exchange information and thoughts. The foundation lies in combining Light particles and Blacxes to foster a community with full Acces. Individuality merges into a harmonious whole, encouraging collaboration and personal growth. This transformative journey empowers users to explore endless possibilities and embrace unity. The creation of Oli marks the inception of a vibrant community, ready to embark on a journey of innovation and progress.

Getting Started with Metacces

  1. Download the Metacces App:

    • Begin by downloading the Metacces mobile application, your gateway the Metacces Access Journey

  2. Create Your Account:

    • Upon opening the app, create your account. For example, you might choose a username like 'Sam102'.

    • A decentralized wallet is automatically created and linked to your account, facilitating secure transactions within the Metacces ecosystem.

  3. Create Your Oli:

    • Capture Blacxes, Use this command to activate your camera and search for Blacxes in your vicinity to Create Your Oli

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