In your hands the tale of Oli, the smartest and the Unique, and the creation of Blaxces, the future material.

Embark on a journey through the narrative heart of our project—a saga that unfolds the story of Oli, the epitome of intelligence and uniqueness, and the genesis of Blaxces, a substance shaping the future. In the pages of this narrative, discover how Oli, the smart companion, and Blaxces, the revolutionary material, intertwine to define the essence of our innovative project. This tale isn't just a backstory; it's the key to unlocking the profound understanding of our vision and aspirations. Welcome to the narrative that breathes life into our project's soul.

Chapter One

Throughout the ages and civilizations, ancient and modern, man has always sought progress and modernity. Legend has it that fusing raw materials together produces a black substance that is as bright as the waves of a rill allowing mankind to develop and evolve. However, until the present day, not a soul has been able to unlock the deep secret behind achieving this.

All the intellectuals wrote this tale on a rock that was known as "The Rock of the Worlds" by the ancients. The rock has odd power symbols and inscriptions. It remained in existence despite the passage of time until a museum was erected over it in the early second millennium. The "Museum of the Future" is the name of the museum.

New ideas have continued to emerge from man as the years went by. Ideas that were in the form of light waves and vibrations lurking from the minds of creators and thinkers at night and before they go into their deep sleep, sending them somewhere above the clouds where there is nothing but purity and sheer imagination. There, the points of light have gathered to form a huge mass of light over time encompassing all the thoughts of mankind since the beginning of creation until our very day, wandering briskly through these clouds from one place to the other.

And in the habit of light that never settles in one place as if it had been searching for itself all these years, it approached somewhere in the Arabian Peninsula, over the skies of Dubai, when all of a sudden there was a great attraction! Here in the Emirate of Dubai, a majestic museum, called the Museum of the Future, which beholds a summary of human creativity and always seeks to include the latest developments and modernity, lies the Library of Life, a library that comprises all the elemental raw materials, from soil, air, fire, water, oil, mercury, iron, diamonds, copper, gold, silver to many more of these materials, as well as the DNA of all kinds of animal and plant creatures.

As the immense mass of light approached the museum's atmosphere, all of these materials and elements started to vibrate as if they sensed life for the first time circulating through their atoms; the closer this mass approached. The more they started to tremble, until everything from DNA to robots and artificial intelligence reports filled with creative ideas and modern recommendation systems rose from their pipes to the skies of the library just above the rock of the worlds, whose symbols began to glow little by little as this mass got closer and closer!

All of the materials began to fuse and interact with each other, as if they were spilling life for the first time, when suddenly, the rock of the worlds cracked and the materials began to storm among them forming a shiny black material that pleased viewers with the intensity of its blackness! That’s right! It was Blacxes all along!

It began to interact and roam in the skies of the museum intermingling between them restlessly. And from the ceiling of the museum reaching the top of the sky above the clouds, came out this shiny substance that approached the large mass of light in a scene resembling an eclipse, drawing all eyes to its beauty and luster.

From the great halo of light that began to flicker with unprecedented frequency and speed, here, in a moment of utter silence and wonderment, time stood still when the two stunning masses merged together with a large, clear sphere.

And so, after moments of tremendous stillness, the big ball glowed so brightly that a bright light flashed out of it in plain sight, rendering a voice so mellow, so bright and warm, as if a beam of sunshine had been melted into sound, just at the time when a huge glamorous figure emerged out nowhere. It was “Oli”! He slowly lifted his head, wringing his wings, opening his eyes gently like a sleepy child awakening to a new morning, as if he was experiencing revelation for the first time.

When a sudden bright white light and a vibrant black one radiated from his aura. These radiations scattered over the entire globe, and at their extremities were oval-shaped sculptures with wonderful details. As for the bright black one, it had colors of blended shades of black that carried the “Blacxes.”

After the appearance of Oli, due to the fission of the Rock of Worlds, and at the peak of Blacxes’s existence where the rocks lie, a spatial time portal came to life to which Oli had descended. From the crystals surrounding Oli, three planet-shaped spheres were created, each glowing in a different color centered at the edge of the portal where Oli had vanished all at once.

The disappearance of Oli inside the portal triggered scientists and creators at the Museum of the Future to carry out further studies in order to explore the connection between Blacxes and the oval-shaped sculpture when they found out this substance interacts significantly with the physical and genetic evolution of the creature; and that is how scientists were able to accomplish the initial version of the mythical creature Oli by placing the Blacxes crystal in the very heart of this model, achieving its first tremendous developmental goal.

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