Welcome to Metacces

Your initial stride towards the dawn of a new era in the Internet generation.

First AI, blockchain and AR/VR app:

  • Interact with AI in new way

  • Explore AR/VR reality

  • Set real digital ownership on L1


Metacces revolutionizes the digital world by combining AI and blockchain, creating a universe of possibilities. Immerse yourself in a future shaped by your ideas in this new internet era. Here, you craft and evolve your digital identity using "Oli", gather Blacxes, and shape your personalized ecosystem. It's more than innovation; it's a fusion of augmented and virtual reality, blending the digital and physical worlds. Metacces is an empowering journey, enabling you to achieve your goals and connect meaningfully in a virtual space that's closely linked with the real world.


Who is Oli

Metacces unveils Oli, an AI-driven companion reshaping your digital world. Oli blends AI and blockchain to guide you in a unique online adventure. Begin by creating your Oli, enhancing it with Blacxes, and embarking on a journey of personal and communal growth. As Oli evolves, you'll navigate a world of shared objectives and augmented reality, culminating in the creation of a dynamic and profitable digital ecosystem. Oli represents more than innovation; it's a gateway to a future where technology enhances every interaction, making Metacces a realm of endless digital potential.More

What is Blacxes

It is a new, shiny black substance, created by Metacces.BLACXES (DNA) is the lifeblood of the Metacces ecosystem, revolutionize the concept of NFTs by integrating real ownership and active participation. These unique tokens grant investors a Ownership rights, along with voting rights and financial dividends. Blacxes use cutting-edge blockchain technology for secure and transparent transactions, enabling fluid exchanges across various currencies. This system empowers users to create their own digital ecosystems and secure passive income, significantly impacting the future of the metaverse landscape.More

What is Access Journey

Journey to Metacces From Mythical Origins to Digital Frontiers

Welcome to the Access Journey in Metacces, where the future of digital interaction and asset ownership unfolds before you. This journey represents a groundbreaking pathway in the Metacces ecosystem, offering an engaging and intuitive experience that merges advanced technology with user-centric design. As we embark on this exciting journey, a captivating story unfolds. Throughout this adventure, you'll immerse yourself in exploration, building, and rewarding experiences, venturing across three enchanting worlds that form the heart of the Arrival Journey. The journey through these worlds is filled with challenges and adventures, requiring users to collaborate and compete, enhancing the journey's depth and appeal.

The story revolves around the mythical creation of Oli, a unique creature born from the union of human creativity (represented by a mass of light) and a powerful substance called Blacxes. This event will be held at the Museum of the Future in Dubai, a symbolic site that represents the pinnacle of human progress and innovation.

The Rock of the Realms:

This ancient artifact, inscribed with arcane symbols, is the center of the legend, indicating the transformative power of the Blacxes and Its ability to revolutionize human development.

Oli as a companion:

Oli is not just a character in the lore but serves as a digital companion for users, helping them along the journey.and using it as an avatar or guide through the world of Metacces.

Three worlds of the access journey

-world of Creation: Users start by creating their own Oli, joining a community where collaboration and personal growth are key.More

-world of Evolution: Users collect Blacxes to strengthen and develop their Oli, form alliances and (clans), and strengthen community relationships.More

-World of Access: The culmination of the journey where Users use their Oli to build ecosystems, generate passive income, and interact with a world that blends AR and VR technologies .More

Main App

Embark on an incredible journey in the digital world with the Metacces App, your gateway to a revolutionary experience powered by blockchain and Ai technology. Our app is built on the robust Metacces blockchain network, offering an immersive and secure digital adventure.

Decentralization at Its Best: Our network is 100% decentralized, utilizing the power of smart contracts. This means more security, transparency, and autonomy for you. Enjoy a digital world where you have control, and your data is protected like never before.

Control in Your Hands: Decentralization means you have more control over your digital presence and choices.

Smart Contracts: Smarter Experience: The Metacces application operates by integrating a set of advanced smart contracts. These are the building blocks of our network, ensuring seamless, efficient, and reliable interactions within the app.

Seamless Integration: The smart contracts ensure that every interaction in the app is smooth and hassle-free.

Transparent and Trustworthy: Every action on our network is transparent and verifiable, fostering a trustworthy environment for all users.


Blockchain Layer 1

Metacces: Pioneering Innovation and Security through Blockchain, AI, NFTs, QBFT Consensus, and Enhanced Network Permissioning. Metacces taps into the transformative potential of blockchain, AI, NFTs, QBFT consensus, and enhanced network permissions to revolutionize industries. With the power of blockchain, we guarantee unparalleled data integrity, privacy, and transparency .More

Acces Coin Utility

Transaction Medium

Acces Coin serves as the primary currency for conducting transactions within the Metacces world. Users can buy, sell, and trade digital assets, services, and products using Acces Coin.

Transaction Fees

Users pay Acces Coin as transaction fees when transferring ownership of digital assets, executing smart contracts, or conducting any transaction that

Contract Address (BSC)


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