Easily exchange Blacxes

  1. Initiating the Swap:

    • Users initiate the swap process within the Metacces platform, where Blacxes, serving as unique digital assets, are exchangeable for Access Coin.

    • This process typically begins in the user's digital wallet within the Metacces application.

  2. Determining Exchange Rates:

    • The value of Blacxes in relation to Access Coin is determined by the current exchange rate, which can be influenced by market dynamics, demand, and supply within the Metacces ecosystem.

    • Users are provided with real-time information on the exchange rates, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.

  3. Verification and Validation:

    • The swap transaction undergoes a verification process to ensure the authenticity and ownership of the Blacxes being exchanged.

    • Security protocols within the Metacces blockchain validate the transaction, maintaining the integrity and trust of the swapping process.

  4. Execution of the Swap:

    • Upon receiving the Access coin payment, the smart contract verifies the transaction's validity and authenticity. Once confirmed, the smart contract transfers ownership of the Blacxes from the seller to the buyer. The Blacxes is now registered as the buyer's private property on the Metacces blockchain and is stored in their decentralized wallet.

  5. Record Keeping:

    • The transaction details, including the buyer, seller, Blacxes details, and transaction timestamp, are recorded on the Metacces blockchain. This ensures transparency, security, and immutability of ownership records.

  6. Ongoing Engagement:

    • The Blacxes owner can choose to hold, trade, or utilize their Blacxes within the Metacces ecosystem for various purposes, aligning with their goals and objectives in the new Internet world created by Metacces.

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