Unique DNA

Blacxes represents a unique and transformative concept—an unparalleled DNA that infuses intrinsic value into every property and asset within the Metacces ecosystem.

Value Inherent in Composition

Similar to how DNA determines the unique characteristics and traits of an organism, Blacxes determines the unique characteristics and attributes of digital assets. It adds inherent value to these assets by validating their authenticity and ownership.

The Catalyst for Oli's Creation and Evolution

Blacxes it is the very essence of Oli's Creation and evolution, acting as the DNA that shapes its capabilities, value, and uniqueness. The interplay of Blacxes within Oli is akin to a genetic composition that dictates its growth and progression in the (Acces Journey) ecosystem.

The Catalyst for Clans Creation and Evolution

The nucleus of any clan begins with the accumulation of Blacxes, which are instrumental in establishing the clan's initial structure and status.Each increase in Blacxes signifies a step forward in the clan's evolution and its capabilities.

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