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New World Internet

Metacces is more than just a project; it's a portal to Full Access (new Internet Generation), using AI intelligence and blockchain’s immutability. Metacces is not bound by traditional boundaries; it's a gateway to a realm where technology and imagination meet.
Our project represents a quantum leap in digital evolution. We've seamlessly woven artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and the revolutionary BLACXES NFT framework into the fabric of Metacces. BLACXES NFTs ensure the authenticity, ownership, and trading of unique digital assets within the Metacces. They empower users with ownership and decision-making rights, fostering a more democratic digital environment.
Metacces is your AI-driven guide, and your bridge to Web 3.0 – all in one cohesive ecosystem. With Metacces, we are not just embracing the future; we're shaping it. Our endeavor is to revolutionize the way we interact with technology, economies, and realities. It's not just a brief overview; it's a glimpse into a world where AI is your ally, blockchain secures your transactions, and BLACXES NFTs redefine digital ownership.
Welcome to Metacces, where you can turn all your future expectations into reality at the touch of a button! Access to the Future!


With the rapid advancement of information servers and artificial intelligence, coupled with the emergence of Web3 on the Internet's outskirts, a groundbreaking concept is taking center stage. This innovative approach revolves around harnessing virtual reality within the metaverse to create an immersive and transformative experience that goes beyond the conventional. It involves embodying thoughts, consciousness, and subconsciousness in service of the user.
In this cutting-edge landscape, the role of the personal assistant, Oli, becomes paramount. Oli serves as a pivotal link, seamlessly integrating a vast array of information and servers to offer users an unparalleled augmented reality experience. Evolving daily, Oli stands at the pinnacle of creativity and artificial intelligence, poised to be your trusted digital companion.
With Oli by your side, you can expect to receive the latest and most advanced assistance, personalized services, efficient search capabilities, a wide array of skills, and much more. Embracing innovation and user-centricity, Oli aims to cater to all your needs, making every interaction a transformative and enriching journey.


Our primary mission is to establish and fortify (Full Access), ensuring widespread technological advancements and profitability on a global scale. Leveraging the power of Oli and harnessing the potential of our ecosystem, we place control and opportunity firmly in your hands. Whether you are at home or on the go, our network empowers you to build and reap the benefits, anytime and anywhere.


Our core values are deeply rooted in our community, where we collectively seek to harness the potential of the Internet for mutual benefit. Introducing the revolutionary era of web Acces, we're embarking on a journey to shape the future of the internet, where everyone can earn and become a valued partner. Trust and consistency are at the heart of our vision.
During our market research, we observed that many projects fail to offer genuine opportunities to their communities. In contrast, we're committed to sharing our profits with our community, creating a platform for mutual growth and prosperity. Through Blacxes, we'll be distributing assets as shares to each individual, allowing anyone who supports the project to become a partner.
Moreover, our dedication to our community extends to METACCES CHAIN, where we'll provide developers and users alike with opportunities to develop and benefit. OLI, a trusted ally, will be there to offer continuous financial and technical support through ACCES coin.
In a true demonstration of our commitment, we're ensuring that the community becomes part of the company through real assets and passive income, as we share ownership. Monthly and Annual dividends will be delivered through Blacxes, complemented by the innovative use of NFT technology, safeguarding the rights and profits of everyone involved.
Our vision is to build a thriving ecosystem where everyone has an equal opportunity to grow and prosper together, united by a shared mission and empowered by cutting-edge technology.

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