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It is a new, shiny black substance, created by Metacces It is considered the axis of the formation of the project and depends mainly on adding the actual value to the concept of the NFT and canceling the fake bubble It builds all the NFTs within Metacces and represents 100% of the ownership stake in the project. Blacxes allow shareholders ownership and voting rights in Metacces, in addition to receiving monthly and annual dividends, and can be traded in real-time within the platform between users. It also relies on modern blockchain-based technology to record transactions and keep records, making it more transparent and secure. This technology is particularly innovative in the investment world and is characterized by its flexibility and potential for future development. It can become a certified item in the metaverse world.

Blacxes Ecosystem

Blacxes Swap

Transfer of value between Blacxes, Acces and USDT

Blacxes Technology

Is a redefinition of the value of the non-fungible tokens, in which you will build your own ecosystem and passive income

DAO Voting

Blacxes holders are shareholders who can vote and have an influence on the project board of calls and regulations.