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Be a partner With Metacces

Own a share within Metacces as an NFT representing your assets in the project using our own digital asset Blacxes NFT which will be your passive income strategy.
How to partner with Metacces:
Be effective
  • Be active on social media platforms.
  • Contribute to spreading the project on wider scope using your own social media accounts.
Fill out the form to become our partner:
Acces Holders
Free shares of Blacxes will be distributed to Acces holders.
Invest in Metacces
  • Buy and stock Blacxes (Soon).
Support Metacces
  • Consultation support (experts in web3 & Ai).
  • Execution Support (experts in web3 & Ai).
Join our Acces Journey
  • Create Your own digital companion OLI and start seeking Blacxes (Acces Journey).
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